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McConnel Robocut

Imagine the possibilities.....

All-terrain remote control work platform

The ROBOCUT - an all-terrain remote control work platform that boosts safety by removing operators from steep-sided, dangerous and restricted access zones. 

Internationally renowned as a state-of-the-art slope mower, ROBOCUT is far more than just a green maintenance machine, offering a comprehensive range of attachments from a stump grinder to a snow blower!

The ROBOCUT thrives in the toughest terrain (capable of tackling slopes up to 55 degrees) , making it easy to work on busy highways, embankments, railway sidings, steep-slopes or riverbanks. It ensures safe, productive working without risk to life or limb.


  • • Choice of 17 different attachments
  • • Proven Isuzu engine technology
  • • Responsive remote control unit
  • • 150m working range
  • • Innovative low centre of gravity design
  • • Light enough to fit on a trailer
  • • Easy clean fan matrix
  • • Robust build quality
  • • Choice of high grip tracks and spikes



McConnel continues to expand its range of attachments, offering a tool for almost every challenge. From snow clearance to forestry, grass cutting to quarry maintenance, we can provide a safe and productive remote control solution.


Boasting a high-performance engine, outstanding maneuverability, and the widest flailhead in its class, ROBOCUT can tackle tasks that normally have to be completed by hand - dramatically speeding up the job and allowing you to use your time more efficiently. 

  • • Up to 25 times more effective than cutting by hand
  • • 40 HP Isuzu engine makes ROBOCUT the most powerful mainstream machine on the market
  • • Work at speeds of up to 7 kph - forwards and backwards
  • • Innovative self-cleaning system ejects dirt and debris from the radiator matrix - maximizing performance and increasing fuel efficiency


Safety is paramount and ROBOCUT reduces risk by allowing the operator to work at a safe distance outside the danger zone. ROBOCUT has been specially designed to deliver exceptional stability and control, making it one of the safest and easiest remote control mowers ever constructed.


  • • Up to 25 times faster than manual cutting
  • • Tackles slopes up to 55 degrees
  • • More fuel efficient than a three-man strimming team
  • • Multi-functional remote control capability
  • • Proven engine technology delivers outstanding reliability 
  • • Easy to use proportional controls
  • • Work safely outside danger zones


ROBOLOADER & Bucket     ROBO-Flail              
ROBO-Trencher ROBO-Cutterbar MD          
ROBO-Stump Grinder ROBO-Cutterbar HD
ROBO-Snow Blower ROBO-Chipper
ROBO-Rotary Turf Mower               ROBO-Bucket
ROBO-Rake ROBO-Brush
ROBO-Mulch ROBO-Blade
ROBO-Fork ROBO- Air Sprayer


Maximum Gradient 55 degrees               
Transmission Hydrostatic
Low Range Speed                   0 - 3.5 km/h
High Range Speed                     0 - 7.0 km/h
Machine Weight 1040 kg
ENGINE SPECS                
Make                                           Isuzu            
Type 3 Cylinder, Diesel       
Power 40 HP (30kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity 21 Litres
Working RPM 3000 RPM


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ROBOCUT PDF Data Sheet (2,719 kb)

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